More purchases

As mentioned in the previous post, we’d reserved a garden table in Leroy Merlin yesterday, so took the car and trailer along today to fetch it….


We resisted the urge to have ‘one more’ look around the store and headed back home.  It was a beautiful morning and much fresher than it has been for the last couple of days.  We both felt quite chipper..  As we had the trailer with us and it was still empty, we made the decision to buy the oven and hob we’d seen in Hyper U a week or so ago and then take the lot over to the house…


More wildlife

Once loaded up, we headed over to the house…. we’re getting to know the roads quite well by now!  About a mile and a half away from the house, we came upon three deer in the middle of the road – quite a rare sight out here, even though there must be thousands of them, they are not often seen.  I managed to catch two of them on camera before they bounded away…


Playing house!

Up at the house, we soon had the table re-assembled and the chairs arranged around it – just to see what it looked like!


Of course, they will be going outside eventually!

Meeting the neighbours

We weren’t inside for long – the beautiful weather soon drew us out and the neighbouring cows make a lovely sight across the fields….


While Edward was looking for his ‘favourite’ pear-loving cow, the bull watched with interest…


The pears are beginning to drop from the trees, making a great source of food for the wasps and other insects.  There seemed to be a large number of hornets too…


And then we discovered we have them making a nest in our house….


Probably something we’ll have to get ‘fixed’ when we are in.

An update on Colin

Talking of ‘fixing’, some readers of this blog have been worried about Colin’s condition – we’re pleased to report that he is doing very well on the very expensive kibble…. his coat is glossy, he’s full of it most of the time and hasn’t tired of baiting Mouse….


and his fur has more or less grown back on his bald patches…


We’re quite sure that it was the stress of being lost and not an allergy that caused it – he’ll be back on the normal diet when the expensive stuff’s gone!! ♥