In spite of the inclement weather, work continued in the hall and kitchen….

The hall

It took a day to paint the hall and ceiling with one coat of emulsion….. two coats seemed to be ok, although I was contemplating three, before Edward said I’d done enough!!

Painting the woodwork was tedious and took another couple of days… By now the temperature had dropped and I was wearing several layers under my overalls, plus my gardening overcoat!!!


Edward continued to hang the new doors and each one really made a difference to the feel and look of the hall.  We decided not to do anything to the shower room door, as with time, this is going to be bricked up when the toilet wall is knocked through to make the room bigger and more practical.


The cupboard in the hall also had the nasty brown doors that have been hung everywhere else.  Instead of going to the expense and trouble of replacing them, Edward used some moulding to add more of a feature to each door and I wallpapered the inside of the moulding, first with lining paper and then with some Laura Ashley ‘Sweetpea’ covering – I’ve had this for around twenty-five years but knew it would come in handy one day!!!





Once the paint was dry, Edward put up curtain poles over the main doorways into the kitchen, back kitchen and living room, plus one at the staircase, to help stop drafts and keep the living areas warmer….




We’ve decided to go with a blue and white theme out here and eventually, Edward will make a plate rack to run the length of the hall to take all the blue and white bits and bobs we have.  In the meantime, we have been able to re-use the old blue and white curtains I made years ago for our old living room in our house in England – it’s lovely to see them up again and serving a good purpose!  The curtain over the stairs is a little short but I’ll extend that one when I have  more time…

We’re really pleased with the results, it’s made such a difference and now the hall feels much more inviting….

092  097

There’s still some ‘snagging’ to do but it can wait as we crack on with more pressing work!

The kitchen

After getting on so well in the hall, I returned to the kitchen to continue painting the walls with buttermilk.  In our house in England, I could decide to re-paint the kitchen in the morning and have it finished by the afternoon….. Here, it’s a different kettle of fish!  It took another day and a half to get the first coat then the second coat done on the walls, but it did make me feel better!




Edward came back into the kitchen too and made a window sill for the side window…

091  174

That’s made a huge difference and when we get better weather, I’ll finish painting the window and door frames too.

He also finished cladding the kitchen units on the wall side and adding kick-boards – so nice to see that completed and now it’s painted to match the island, it’s all beginning to come together nicely…





He even set up our old clothes airer – had this for many years and now seems to have the perfect place for drying the washing when it’s wet outside….


It’s not as close to the fire as it looks in this photo!!

So, it still seems slow but we are making progress.  Just seeing the photos and putting this blog together shows how much we are achieving.  I guess when we’re on with it every day and nothing seems to be quite finished it’s hard to see the bigger picture.  However, we’re nearly there with the kitchen and it will look different again with curtains up and the settee and armchair recovered…. ♥