A walk in a sculpture park

Yesterday morning was spent addressing admin stuff – we’d been putting it off so it was time to sort it out:-(

In the afternoon, we drove over to Laval to look around Leroy Merlin again and check on the things we needed to buy for the house.  Nothing much to talk about here, other than we shall be going back Monday to collect a reserved item to take over to the house….

However, on the way to Laval we passed an area that looked like a sculpture park – not wanting to miss out, we took a short walk up a grassy lane to have a look….

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The only other remarkable thing about yesterday was the weather…  after the rain we’ve had, it was a warm and muggy start.  By the time we left Leroy Merlin, the temperature had shot up to 32 degrees but the humidity was something else – it was like being in a jungle…  Back home, because the cottage is cool inside, the windows and doors had condensation on the outside – never seen that before!!

Meeting up with friends

This morning it was a misty start…


We met up with Amanda again to be introduced to her husband, who’d come over to their house from the UK for the last few days of Amanda’s French summer visit.  We had coffee, croissants, brioche buns and melon outside for brunch, while we talked about each other’s plans for the coming months and years….  it was just lovely, listening to the birds while we chatted.  It’s probably the last time we’ll meet up this time but we’ll be keeping in touch and will be seeing them again when they are next over for an appreciable stay…

Another visit to the house

This time we took over the six chairs we had purchased on AngloInfo a week or so ago.  We’d also planned to do some more cleaning in the house as we didn’t do anything upstairs on our last visit, other than vacuum up dead bees!

By the time we’d arrived, the temperature was up to 28 degrees, again with high humidity.  After unloading the chairs…


……we decided we should make the most of the good weather and enjoy being outside while we could – luckily, we’d packed the sun loungers….


Reading books under the apple trees was so much more civilised than cleaning the bathroom!!  Buzzards seemed to be calling all afternoon, while about 100 starlings came to chatter in one of the thickets next to where we were sitting; crickets were constantly doing their thing in the long grass (Colin would have had a field day!) and the swallows and swifts were doing their acrobatics just in front of us as they swooped for the low-flying insects…


Mistletoe seems to be commonplace over here and our apple trees are all festooned in it – we should be OK for Christmas!!

We haven’t tired of the view over the cow fields….. what better way than to spend some time on a summer’s afternoon? ♥