Its March already and we have spent months doing up the inside of the house whilst thinking about what will eventually need to happen outside. We came to France, at least in part, because we could buy a house with a large and peaceful garden. The outdoors is attractive for both of us so we needed to get on with the garden too. Though the winter has been cold it has not been as bad as some we had in Yorkshire. The grass was still growing into December. The lawn needed cutting.


We brought some wildflower seeds with us from England and we have bought some in France. We decided we would plant some around the apple trees on the lower lawn and on the banks that lead from one lawn to the other and the bank along the road into the courtyard. I marked out some circles around the apple trees and Julie began preparing the bank at the back of the courtyard.

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Colin is always a willing helper and relieved some of our administrative tasks by checking the mail box


While I mowed the lawn Julie cultivated the bank ready for seed sowing


We felt tired after a day in the cold spring weather but went for a walk in the evening. The farmers had been working in the field behind the house. We were being nosey and it was a surprise to see how busy they had been. I think they have been coppicing the trees for fence posts.


it had been good to spend a day out of doors