Another thunder storm and a village fête

After temperatures reached 36 degrees on Saturday, the weather broke on Sunday morning when we were woken in the early hours by torrential rain and another terrific thunder storm with sheet lightning…

By late morning it had stopped raining and the sun came out, when Charles told us that the next village along, L’Epinay le Comte was holding a fête….  Having no other plans, we decided to go and have a look….

What a treat!  In a field behind the Marie, marquees had been set up with the obligatory dance floor in the middle.  Row upon row of benches and tables had been set for dinner…. At the gate where we paid for admission, we were able to see the huge fires that must have been going all morning, where they were spit roasting lambs….

002As in the St Fraimbault festival, we were offered a choice of starter and dessert, which we took to one of the benches.  Before long, a young girl introduced herself as our waitress and asked what we’d like to drink!  After our starters, the waitress took away our rubbish and offered mouton or porc and chips for our main course – the mouton looked likely so we plumped for that – it was delicious!  Apparently, we were allowed two helpings of the main course but could only manage one, much to the waitress’ surprise!  It looked like everyone else could though!


Our waitress

After the meal, the ‘band’ was set up in the middle of the marquee arrangement – I say band, it was a man with an accordion and his accompanying backing gadgets…  As soon as he was ready, couples were on the floor doing their thing….

This couple could hardly wait to get started and were on the floor dancing for every dance we watched!


At one point, the couples split up to take part in some line dancing…

011 012


It was mesmerising to watch and a lovely way to wile away a few hours on a Sunday afternoon…

Drawing and planning

Yesterday, it rained all day, with high winds adding to the mix.  We lit the log burner and stayed inside for the duration but it put paid to any internet usage…. We only receive a very weak signal from Charles’ router, and even then only from outside at the back of the cottage… occasionally, we can pick up a signal from the bedroom but this is often hit and miss, usually miss….

So, we spent a good part of the day drawing up floor plans for our new home and cutting out pieces of furniture to see how best to arrange things.  We have also planned the kitchen, which we’re quite happy with….



By the evening, we were able to pick up a weak signal from the bedroom, so it was a quick check of emails and also AngloInfo, where we found some bits for sale that we were interested in….. Having said to ourselves that we wouldn’t look any more until we were in the new house, we arranged to view some beds and a chest freezer, down in Juvigné on Tuesday morning…..

There was brief respite from the rain this morning but not really long enough to do much outside on the internet…  Instead, we made our way over to see the freezer and beds.  The weather deteriorated while we were out – 13 degrees today…

They were an interesting couple – doing up a huge property for holiday rental and yoga retreats – it looked like they had lots to do and were keen to warn us about the different culture here where building artisans were involved – it seems they have not had good experiences with French artisans, either not turning up or for sending bills for having not done the work…  We’ll need to be savvy when we start work on our roof….

So, we now have two single beds and a large chest freezer to add to our acquisitions!  They have very kindly agreed to deliver to our new home next month, which will save us getting too congested in the cottage…

Afternoon tea?

We met up with Amanda for a coffee and cake this afternoon, in Gorron, which was lovely.  She goes back to the UK soon, so it’s nice to be able to catch up some more before she goes…  She took us to a café in the town, which was run by English people.  The best I can describe is that we had a ‘platter’ of cake!  All home baked and a real treat….

On the way home, we stopped in Desertines, which has a great DIY shop – lots of floor and wall tiles to choose from and reasonably priced carpets and other accessories – back to the floor plans to work out costings…. !

Colin seems to be improving…

Colin seems to be a little less bald each day and is as bright as a button….



Jim is continuing to eat us out of house and home and Mouse is quite content now that she is back on the ‘happy pills’ that arrived yesterday (thanks to Kitt and Steve for sending them over;0))…



And finally….

The copies of the Compromis de Vente, which we signed on Saturday, arrived this afternoon, so our official 10-day cooling off period has started – yey!! ♥