And we’re making further progress in the house.

The Kitchen

Edward has picked up work on the worktop along the back wall.  The main length was installed some time ago but because of the corner unit, another piece needed to be added…


Also, the full 3m length of worktop doesn’t quite meet the wall and we’ve been puzzling how we can bridge the gap…


So, this week, Edward has cut a new piece of worktop for the corner, just the aluminium strip to add to finish it off…


And has started work on a small cupboard, which will sit over the gap at the end of the worktop and will be used for all the herbs and spices – ingenious!

In addition, he has started cladding the end of the corner cupboard, which had lots of unsightly holes in the end panel and which will be painted to match the island….


Kick boards, cladding of the oven housing and cubby hole for trays to do next, then perhaps we’ll get on with tiling the back wall to finish it all off….

After painting all the skirting and wood trim white…


I made a start on painting the kitchen walls…

010  050

Needs another coat but will be nice and sunny when it’s done (Buttermilk, to match the cladding on the island and base units).

Rain stops play

Much like England, we’ve had some awful weather just lately – high winds, rain and the temperature has dropped.  It makes construction DIY difficult for Edward as his workshop is in the barn and the courtyard is wet and muddy, until we can get it gravelled.  So, we had a change of plan and instead of continuing in the kitchen, we moved into the hall…

This area has been wallpapered in a dark salmon coloured textured paper and the ceiling had exposed beams, a perfect hiding place for spiders!  It felt like a cave each time we went out there and with the nasty dark brown plywood doors leading off to the study, shower room, WC and boiler room, it was in much need of a face lift.

We’d also been using it to store the new moulded doors we had purchased to replace the old doors and other bits and bobs.  So, we’ve cleared everything out (except the doors) and first of all Edward panelled the ceiling with some tongue and groove – what a difference that has made…..

014  028

Next, he made a start on hanging the doors, which has been excellent because we no longer have to look at the horrible brown ones, it has made it lighter everywhere, and it’s completely cleared the hallway, which made it easier for me to get in there to start painting….


Two days of painting ceiling and walls and we think we can see a difference…

004  041

With the other new doors hung (8 done, 2 to go!) and the wooden skirting and doorframes painted white, it will look different again!

Day off Wednesday

So, today, we are taking a day off.  We’ve come out to Le Mans way and found a new EMMAÜS.  It was freezing! But we enjoyed an hour of browsing around the furniture and bric a brac…

Next stop, McDonald’s!  Time for blogging and internet browsing.  Incidentally, Edward ordered the equipment we need to get access to internet at the house – with luck we should be up and running in a couple of weeks – fingers crossed.  While Mc D’s in France is infinitely better than in the UK, we won’t miss having to come out to our internet business….

Our friends, Ruth and Kevin, told us about some shops where there are often bargains to be had – ‘Action’ and ‘Noz’.  Action is similar to Wilkinson’s but we think a lot cheaper and Noz is an outlet for selling liquidated stock, so the items for sale will be constantly changing.  We’ve found them in Alençon so will look out for them while we are here in Le Mans!

Then it’s back home, shopping on the way, and getting the fire lit for the evening…..

Not a very exciting day off but it’s actually stopped raining today – it’s nice to see something different and to have a break from the DIY! ♥