We’ve been ‘rubber stamped’

We were up early again this morning and arrived at the ‘Centre des Finances Publiques’ in Domfront just before opening.


Within half an hour, we’d received the necessary paperwork, rubber stamped, of course (!), which allowed us to go to the Prefecture in Alençon to apply for French registration plates for both cars – yey!!


So, plenty of time to take the hour’s drive to Alençon and stop on the way for croissants!!

We found the Prefecture relatively easily – it looked like it was in a grand building…


but for our business, we were directed to the ‘Cité Administrative’, up the road and round the corner….

It was an unremarkable building but inside, they had a very efficient system, where you took a number, waited to be called, someone checked you had all the correct documents, then you were entered into the system again and you waited to be called to be fully processed…

About an hour later and almost 400 Euros lighter, our applications to register both cars in France had been accepted.  Aurélie processed our paper work, so in exchange for our log books (V5), certificates of conformity, etc., she gave us these invoices….

IMG_1574 IMG_1575

Then, Sandrine took our money in exchange for the final certificates, which prove the cars are now being registered in France…..

IMG_1577 IMG_1579

  We now just wait for the new French number plates to be sent to us!


Of course, this now also means that we will be able to insure both cars, as planned as we have the proof that we have entered the registration process…. It was like a great weight had been lifted off our shoulders….

Oh, and while we were waiting in the Cité Administrative, the estate agent called to tell us that we will be signing the Compromis de Vente at 2pm on Saturday – double yey!!

A walk around Alençon

Feeling relieved and more relaxed than we have for some time, we decided to have a coffee in the square and have a look around the town.  It has an impressive cathedral and the streets seems to be filled with interesting, individual shops with some lovely medieval architecture….






The river ‘Sarthe’ runs through it ….


 And it looks like it might have been a walled city at some point….


Homeward bound…

On the way home, we stopped at a Buffalo Grill for lunch – we’d seen the places numerous times on previous visits to France but had never tried one.  Good value for money and delicious steaks!

024 027

We passed through the same scenery on the way back but it was nonetheless still beautiful…. Rolling hills, acres of countryside, Charolais, Limousin and spotted cows litter the landscape, with vistas and panoramic views at almost every turn….


I hope we never tire of it…

So, the cars are currently in the process of being registered, and the insurance for the Megane is now in hand and will be sorted before it expires tomorrow at midnight.

We’re heading out tomorrow to go and see the house again to take more measurements, which will help us to plan the kitchen, where furniture will go, etc….

And, as Edward says, it’s just ‘3 sleeps’ until we sign…..♥