A visit to our bank advisor

This morning we had arranged to meet Francois again to provide him with our certificate of residence, which he needed to confirm for opening our accounts.  All is now sorted and we have a savings and current account, which we can operate in branch, via on-line banking or, if we want, via email to Francois….  In addition, our cheque book and debit card had arrived, so Francois explained how to write out cheques (legal tender in France) and how we can use the card, when our PIN number comes through.  To complete the service, he very carefully inserted the cheque book into a wallet and the card into a card holder…. :o)

Special delivery

After a brief visit to the laundrette to dry our washing and a few purchases from the Super U, we spent the rest of the morning at home.  Early afternoon and there was a knock at the door and the postie was asking for signatures….

The ‘Certificats d’immatriculation’ had arrived – the official documentation to obtain French number plates for the cars and only 2 days after we registered them……


Not wanting to waste any time (and because we want everyone to know we live here and are not just on holiday!  – is that inverted snobbery?!), we headed over to Gorron to get the number plates sorted….  Had we thought about it and been more organised, we could have saved ourselves multiple trips, but we didn’t and we weren’t so we had three separate trips in, with each car and then with the trailer!!

So, our cars and trailer are now French – before, during and after……

004   007 009 012 015 017 021 023


We also seem to be adapting well to the idea of outdoor living – we can’t wait till we can eat outside in our own home!


The cats seem to be adjusting well too – we think Jim is putting on weight (not surprising really, as he eats like a horse); Mouse now goes out first thing and pops back every now and then to check we’re still here, even taking a nap upstairs during the day and disappearing again in the evening, only to come through the bedroom window in the night!   And Colin has discovered grasshoppers… When he’s not trying to get into his bag of kibble, they’re great fun to stalk and even better to eat!



(Photo of Mouse pending, when she is around when we are!!)

Oh, and one more sleep to go before we sign….. ♥