Emmaüs, Alençon

Yesterday, we’d planned to visit Emmaüs at Alençon, as it will be our nearest when we finally move into the house….  We weren’t disappointed!  There were the usual magnificent pieces of furniture, at silly prices, some antiques, living room furniture, kitchen sinks and much more!  Seemed it was Edward’s day to spot things – we bought two lovely pots for the garden and just before we left, I found an old glass/wood-framed tray…


and all for €20 🙂

Sunday activities

On the way over to the house this morning, it seemed that everyone was out enjoying the good weather and the great outdoors.  Just outside Bais, we pass a sign to the left for ‘Le Bois du Tay’ and each time say, ‘we must go and see what it’s like’.  Well, today we did!  Almost immediately after leaving the main road, there is a car park, from where you can take walks into the woods.  We continued past this and followed an arrow sign which indicated gites up ahead – they were in a beautiful location and the avenue of fir trees leading up to them was magnificent….


As was the huge moss-covered stone we parked next to!


These woods are pretty much on our doorstep, so we shall be sure to visit again soon, perhaps when we need a break from DIY (!) to take a walk and explore further.

More like home

Since we heard we shall be signing for the house in less than 2 weeks, now, we seem to be more focussed and have been busy with the on-going task of unpacking.  13 boxes unpacked today – mostly from this area!


But the results in the dining room are quite pleasing…

004Of course, there is plenty still to do but it’s a start for when we move in permanently… just 10 sleeps to go!!

Autumn has arrived

021  022

On the way back to the cottage this evening, we passed several people who had parked their cars on the roadside, under chestnut trees, who were obviously searching for nuts… If the locals think it’s time, then it probably is…

Back at the cottage, cats fed, fire lit and Edward left to watch the rugby, I went down to the lower field to see if the locals were right….


Indeed they were!  And with the help of Colin and Mouse, I managed to find quite a haul….

024   028



Guess what we’re having for supper tonight!!! ♥