About Me

From the moment I took a short course on linocut printmaking, I was totally hooked!

Transient beauty, delicate details, forms and tones in nature are revealed in my studies of flora and fauna and landscape. Largely self-taught and through much experimentation with the medium, I specialise in the reduction linocut technique, where the image is progressively developed in layers as the linoleum block gradually diminishes, in a series of cuts and marks, while alternating with a round of inking and printing.

I usually work from light to dark and often apply gradations of colour to engender subtle changes in tone and atmosphere in limited-edition prints, celebrating our natural world.

julie north printmaker France

As my passion for printmaking has developed, I have become a recognised artist of the region. Elected to three regional art associations, my work has been presented in national and international juried exhibitions, receiving several awards, most notably a Silver Medal at the Salon des Beaux-Arts of the National Society of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (2019). I am a contributing guest artist to the Berlin graphic art magazine "Body and Soul", Corvinus Presse, with exclusive editions published in issues 34 and 37, while my prints reside in private collections worldwide.

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